Lab Members

Heather Hines, PI
Assistant Professor of Biology and Entomology

208 Mueller Lab
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802, USAOffice: 517 Mueller Lab
Lab: 513, 518 Mueller Lab
Office Phone: 814-863-8830
Lab phone: 814-865-7077

Research Technologist

Elyse McCormick

Bumble bee epidemiology and conservation
515 Mueller Lab

Postdoctoral Researchers

Colin Wright

Eberly Postdoctoral Fellow
Personality and cognition in social insects
518 Mueller Lab

Graduate Students

Briana Ezray

Sarthok Rahman

Bumble bee biogeography and mimicry;
bee pathogens and conservation
515 Mueller Lab
SarthokPic1_small4 Bumble bee genomics and mimicry
515 Mueller Lab

Shelby Kilpatrick

Shelby-Kilpatrick-845x684 Squash bee phylogenetics
Shelby’s webpage
Coadvisor: Margarita Lopez-Uribe


Current Undergraduates

Timothy Egner Eris Villalona Ashley Heimann
Insect viral transmission Bumble bee response to plant toxins Bee epidemiology

Lab Alumni

Li Tian (postdoc)
Patrick Lhomme (postdoc)
Guillaume Ghisbain (Visiting Scholar/Masters Intern, U. Mons, Belgium)


Sophie Tessier
Casey Carr
Sarah Williams
Carrie Hill
Anna Nixon
Daniel Snellings
Paige Witkowski
Jesse Schneider
Nicole Bracci
Tristan Medina
Daniel Spivack
Rebecca Sommer
Nick MacKnight

Matthew Dowhower
Dianne Lee
Katie Del Guercio
Andrew Walrond
Angela Hoover
Salvatore Anzaldo