Lab Members


Lab Team, Fall 2016. From Left: Daniel Snellings, Li Tian, Jesse Schneider, Carrie Hill, Heather Hines, Briana Ezray, Sarthok Rahman, Anna Nixon, Paige Witkowski, Patrick Lhomme, Sarah Williams


Heather Hines, PI
Assistant Professor of Biology and Entomology

HeatherBio_small 208 Mueller Lab
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802, USAOffice: 517 Mueller Lab
Lab: 513, 518 Mueller Lab
Office Phone: 814-863-8830
Lab phone: 814-865-7077


Postdoctoral Researchers

Li Tian

Patrick Lhomme

LiTian_Pic_small Functional genetics and development of bumble bee mimetic coloration
518 Mueller Lab
Patrick Chemical ecology of bumble bee social parasites (Psithyrus) Patrick’s webpage
518 Mueller Lab


Graduate Students

Briana Ezray

Sarthok Rahman

BrianaEzray Bumble bee biogeography and mimicry; bee pathogens and conservation
515 Mueller Lab
SarthokPic1_small4 Genomics of bumble bee mimicry
515 Mueller Lab



Daniel Snellings – Nutritional impacts on bee pigmentation; Development of bee pigments
Sarah WilliamsPsithyrus speciation
Anna Nixon – Thermal properties of bee coloration
Carrie Hill – Distribution of bumble bee mimetic coloration; bee pathogens in pollen
Casey Carr – Bee pathogen screening
Timothy Egner – Pathogen Transmission in Bees

Undergraduate Alumni

Angela Hoover
Salvatore Anzaldo
Paige Witkowski
Jesse Schneider
Nicole Bracci
Tristan Medina
Daniel Spivack
Rebecca Sommer
Nick MacKnight

Matthew Dowhower
Dianne Lee
Katie Del Guercio
Andrew Walrond