Lab Members

Heather Hines

Associate Professor, Biology, Entomology

208 Mueller Lab
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802, USA
Office: 517 Mueller Lab
Lab: 513, 518 Mueller Lab
Office Phone: 814-863-8830
Lab phone: 814-865-7077

Postdoctoral Researchers

Antoine Guiguet

Gall induction mechanisms in gall wasps and other galling insects: Genetics, development, phylogenomics

515 Mueller Lab

Antoine’s webpage

Graduate Students

Elena Gratton

Bee landscape ecology, conservation, and epidemiology
518 Mueller Lab

Elena’s webpage

Shelby Kilpatrick

Bee biodiversity, evolutionary history, and morphology

Shelby’s graduate research includes the updated checklist of bee species in Pennsylvania. She is currently investigating the evolutionary history of squash bees [Eucera (Peponapis) and (Xenoglossa)] and bumble bee (Bombus spp.) morphology. 
Shelby’s webpage
Coadvisor: Margarita Lopez-Uribe


Marena Martinez

Marena is examining differences in Nosema and Crithidia pathogen loads in bumble bee species and has examined potential for Wolbachia in bumble bees

Tatiana Terranova

Tatiana is investigating the melanin gene networks that drive coloration in comimetic bumble bees species.  She is also interested in the application of RNAi in bumble bees for knocking down key coloration genes.

Owen Donovan

Owen is studying wing morphometrics and diagnostic traits in mimetic bumble bees.

Andy Hess

Andy is studying the distribution of cardenolides in milkweeds and the impact on pollinator visitation

Luke Gasper-Markel

Luke is studying galls as ecosystem engineers by examining the community of arthropods occupying Amphibolips galls

Lab Alumni

Sarthok Rahman (grad student)
Briana Ezray (grad student)
Colin Wright (postdoc)
Li Tian (postdoc)
Patrick Lhomme (postdoc)
Guillaume Ghisbain (Visiting Scholar/Masters Intern, U. Mons, Belgium)
Luca Franzini (grad student)
Elyse McCormick (Technician)
Tracey Baumgarten (Technician)
Claudia Rosales (Technician)


Margaret Weber
Kylie Warwick
Ashley Heimann
Eris Villalona
Erica Laveaga
Timothy Egner
Sophie Tessier
Casey Carr
Sarah Williams
Carrie Hill
Anna Nixon
Daniel Snellings
Paige Witkowski
Jesse Schneider
Nicole Bracci
Tristan Medina
Daniel Spivack
Rebecca Sommer
Nick MacKnight
Matthew Dowhower
Dianne Lee
Katie Del Guercio
Andrew Walrond
Angela Hoover
Salvatore Anzaldo