Undergraduate Research Opportunities in the Hines Lab

The Hines lab in the Biology (Eberly College) and Entomology (College of Ag) departments, is seeking multiple undergraduate researchers for summer and independent research to take place sometime between April – August, 2022. The following are examples of opportunities.

Understanding factors limiting resilience in bumble bees. This involves rearing bumble bees and testing some combination of thermal, dietary, and overwintering limitations by species. Data contribute to better understanding of what limits these bees and how they will respond to human-induced changes. Students would be encouraged to apply for a  fellowship due April to fund the research.

Summer field work in Pennsylvania: We seek undergrad field assistants to travel across the state to collect bumble bees to assay floral visitation preferences, phenology, species niche requirements, and the role of quality habitats on diversity.

Summer field work in North Carolina: We seek an undergrad field assistant to accompany a graduate student to North Carolina to collect bees to study the role of landscape factors in disease in bumble bees. 

Acoustic Biology of Bumble bees. Potential topics: buzz frequencies in pollination of different flowers; buzz frequencies in flight; role of human-induced noise in foraging and reproduction; bumble bee noise perception. Students would be encouraged to apply for a  fellowship due April to fund the research.

Students interested in other research areas on native bee pollination are encouraged to inquire as well.

If interested please contact Dr. Heather Hines, hmh19@psu.edu

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